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Lush Bath - Butterbear

After how much I loved my first Lush bath bomb Twilight when I was shopping in the Metro centre I decided to pick up another.

Butterbear was chosen. The Bear has a scent of Vanilla. A bit like a Marshmallow actually.

At £1.95 this seems pretty cheap compared to the others bath bombs in the Lush.  

He is pretty cute.

I didn't in all honesty want to put him in my bath.

But I wanted a bath more. So in he went.

He fizzed pretty much straight away. I was shocked at how quickly he was all fizzed out. It must of happened with in a minuet.

There are the remains of his legs and tummy. Plus a back view of my dodgy finger. You can find out in my About me page what is wrong with it.

He didn't leave any bubbles (or glitter for that matter. It took me 2 good cleans of the bath after Twilight to get the glitter out) and left the water a milky.

When I got out the bath my body felt really soft or as my boyfriend said I felt 'sticky'. It was as if I had used a body butter all over my body. It left no scent on my skin afterwards.  

You can pick them up in store or online here.

I did like it. But I didn't love it. I don't think I'll be purchasing this one again.

Do you have a favourite lush bath bomb I should pick up? Without glitter in please.

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