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James Read - Sleep Mask Tan

As part of my Glamour Beauty power list box I received this. James Read Sleep Mask Tan. I'm sure by now you know I love tan so I was eager to try this.

With most beauty things I goggle reviews before I either buy or try a product. Maybe that's just the blogger in me. However typing tis into goggle very little came up. My Mam piped up that she had tried it before. Shocked at how much my Mother was 'down with the cool tanned people' she informed me that she didn't really like it.

But it's ok people I love it.

I like to have a tan and it's no secret that the sun will damage and age your skin, so I use SPF 50 on my face and keep it out the sun wherever possible. This is the perfect tanner for skincare conscious people as it is pack full of goodness for your face such as, Aloe Vera, Hydrochloric acid and Cucumber.

I apply the clear crème all over my face, neck and décolletage after my evening skincare routine. The only this I change is instead of using Kiehls midnight recovery oil I use The body shop vitamin E cream. The odour less tan skins into my skin pretty quickly so I can go to bed straight away. When you awake in the morning you have glowing skin and pillows that have no tan stains on. What's not to love?

You can get your 50ml bottle at QVC for £20.50.

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