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Desk Beauty

My Beauty obsession doesn't just remain in my dressing room, oh no. It also comes to work with me.

My desk is cluttered with files, papers, order books and of course my 'At work Beauty routine'

Soap and Glory - Hand Food. I have mentioned this in my September favourites that this live on my desk. I apply this pretty much throughout the day. This also gets used a lot by the men I work with whom clearly think they are too masculine to own a hand cream so they just use mine instead.

Stylfile - S file. I received this in a beauty box many moons ago and can hands down say it is the worst nail file I have ever owned. I have never wanted to file my nails with an S shape emery board. That's why I leave it at work for serious nail emergence only.

Burt's Bees - Rejuvenating lip balm. Another one mentioned in my September favourites. My office is freezing in the winter and boiling in the Summer. My lips always need a little attention. I rarely wear lipstick to work so this keeps them soft and hydrated throughout the day.

Victoria Secret. To stop the smell of the office following me around. Not that I work in a smelly place it's just I'm sure every job I've had there has been a particular smell around the work place.  

Olbas oil. This time of year I am prone to getting the sniffles. It just pop a few  drops of this on a tissue to help me breath.

Bath & Body works hand sanitizer. Pretty self explanatory. I try and keep germs to a minimum and this helps me. I do find these Bath & Body work anti bacs a little bit too strong smelling so I don't think I'll be getting anymore.

Do you have any work essentials?

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