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Clinique - Take the day off Cleansing Balm

For my Birthday I got given a Boots gift voucher by one of my oldest friends. After spending around half an hour in boots (seriously spending that amount of time there is so easy to do) I decided to give the Clinique Balm a go. My Emma Hardie balm is dangerously close to being finished and it seemed silly not to use the gift voucher for something practical.

Firstly the balm comes with no other packaging other than the tub that it is in. Does this bother me? Yes. But I suppose it's better for the environment and one less thing to horde. (Yes I am a packaging hoarder) If you do decided to purchase one please double check for finger prints before you leave the shop. 

Once you open the lid the Balm totally resemblances lard and I had to use every ounce of my will power not to stick my finger in it. Believe it, this was so hard.

Now this product works. I used a pea sized amount and rub the balm all over my face and it melts into an oil. It removes eye make up much better than EM in my opinion as it doesn't rip my eyelashes out. The downside is there is no fragrance, I didn't think I would mind this but I find it a bit of a let down. Will be good for some. Not for me.

The balm is very soft and gentle on my skin and leaves my skin really soft. On day's I wear make up I double cleanse, a cleansing balm is my first step. I use a flannel over my face to remove the melted balm.

Nights when I have time I give myself a little facial massage as kind of a mini facial and this balm is perfect for that.

Yes I do love this product as it takes off every trace of make up and makes my skin feel clean again.

At £22 pounds it is pretty affordable considering it's going to last an long time.

It does exactly what it says on the tub.
Do you use any other Clinique products?

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