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Pick me ups

The dark days are about to come. 

I'll end up driving to work in the dark, driving home in the dark and I'll only see sunlight at weekends.

It is easy to feel a little bit down this time of year and sometimes we just need a little pick me up to get us through till Spring springs again.

The best thing about this is that it won't cost and beauty addict a penny.

A sprits of Perfume. If you have any samples or a perfume you haven't used in a while I find a change in fragrance really makes a difference to the way it can make you feel. (Or if you're in a department shop just squirt a few sprays of perfume over you)

A scent can transport you to a different place and this time of year with the weather like this I'd like to be transported to a beach with a pina colada please.

A bold lipstick. Now I can't wear lipstick to work so maybe I'd keep a bold one for the weekends. But I could get away with a subtle colour such as Mac crème cup or Mac Angel. Wear a lipstick really makes me feel done and lady like. 

Painting your nails. A manicure is a way to my happy place. I find when my nails are all square, the same length and beautifully painted I tend to be happier.  

So there are my 3 tips. I'd love to hear if you have pick me ups?

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