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October Favourites

Happy Halloween. Hope you have a spooktacular day.

My second favourites post. I am so excited for November as I can officially talk about Christmas!

But on to this months favourites.

Orange is the new Black. This was a gift from my boyfriend for my birthday. He knows that I love getting addicted to a good tv series. We only watch it while we're together so we're about half way through now. I don't want it to end and will defiantly be getting Netflix when season 2 is out.

Charlotte Tilbury - The Dolce Vita eye shadow pallet. This was also a birthday gift from my Mama and I haven't used anything else on my eyes this month. It is my go to pallet at the moment. You can read my full review here.

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Hydrating Lip Cream. I bought this on a whim. At the end of last month my boyfriend and I were off up to Scotland and I had forgot to take a lip balm with me. So I popped into Boots to pick one up I was a lover back in the day. I have been using it every day and it's really helped my lips through the last few weeks. It was £2.63 and you can get one here.

Sali Hughes Pretty Honest. One night last month my sister called me telling me to listen to Radio 2 as they were talking about beauty and it was Sali promoting her book. After listening to the interview I knew I had to get my hands on it. After humming and ahhring for a few days thinking I could I ask someone to get me it for Christmas. I thought bugger it Christmas is weeks away. I am so glad that I didn't wait. I really think any girl or boy if he is into beauty would love this book! I haven't put it down. It is full of good facts and tips. You can get it on Amazon for £11. Complete bargain in my opinion. 

What are your October favourites. I love reading what everyone has been loving.


  1. Love orange is the new black .. very addictive!! So jealous of that charlotte tilbury eye palette looks amazing! Adele

    1. It's great isn't it! I'm totally hooked! They eye shadow pallet is so luxe too!

      Katie Jane x


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