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Lush Bath - Twilight

So let me tell you something about myself. I've never had a 'Lush bath before. I've received their bath stuff as a present but I've always given them to my sister.

A few weeks ago while shopping in Newcastle I told myself this has to change. I feel like everyone and their dog raves about Lush. Which I totally get. As a company they do a lot of good for our planet. Protecting animals and encouraging recycling.

I picked up Twilight for £3.25.  

So on Sunday night I decided to give it a go.

After a quick call to my sister to work out how they work. I decided to run the bath a little bit then pop the pink ball in the bath.

First thing that attracted me to this was the smell. The almost over powering smell of Lavender. I love Lavender. It reminds me of my Dad's Mam as she would always spray lavender on my pillow before I went to sleep.

I'll be the first to admit. I was pretty amazed.

The water in the bath turned pink.

Then the bomb started to foam blue.

Which caused the water to turn a gorgeous shade of purple.

It took a good 5 minuets to dissolve completely. Once I got in the bath I noticed my bath was glittery. I panicked thinking I was going to go to bed looking like a glitter ball. Fear not. No glitter came out the bath with me but my bath now looks like a silver glitter ball. That was something I didn't know could happen. 

My skin felt super soft after this bath. The smell also stayed on my skin for a good few hours after.

Over all I was pretty impressed. I will most certainly be getting another one to try out. Maybe one without glitter though. I'm not looking forward to cleaning the bath out.

Do you have a favourite Lush bath bomb?

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