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Fake tan tips.

Summer. It's long gone. Along with my tan and as party season is a only a few weeks away I thought I'd share my fake tan tips with you so your glowing and look like you've always just stepped off the plane.


It's so important to exfoliate before tanning, as tan tends to soak up into dry skin. Exfoliating also lifts all the dead skin cells and leaves your skin soft. I do this the day before application. At the moment I am using two. Soap & Glory scrub of your life and Xen Tan body scrub.

Shaving or Waxing  

Depends what time of year it is to whether I shave or wax. Waxing it is best to do this the day before application. As for shaving I do this on the morning before. I find that if you shave an hour or so before you fake tan the tan tends to stick in the hair follicle and you look like you've got millions of spots all over your legs. 


I moisturise most nights as part of my bed time routine. I have been knowing to miss the odd night however the night before I tan I don't forget. I've been using Soap & Glory Righteous butter.

Fake Tan

The tan I have been using the past year is Xen Tan Moroccan Tan in medium. I find this tan the best as it stays on your skin for up to a week and when it fades it does so gracefully not leaving any patches.

When I do my tan it's always before bed so the tan can develop through the night.

(*If my boss is reading this pleas close the web*) I apply this with rubber gloves from work. They are far to big for me as they are for men but hey beggars can't be choosers. Or I use a fake tan mitt but I find these can get a bit messy.

When apply fake tan to your ankles, elbows and knee I rub a tiny bit of moisturiser on these areas just before application to ensure that it goes on smooth and streak free.  

I start off at my feet and work my way up. Always applying in a circular motion.

For my neck and hands I mix the tan and moisturiser together then apply.

The best thing about Xen Tan is that it dries in around 5 to 10 minuets so you don't have to wonder around half naked.

When you wake up the following morning you need to have a shower to wash off any excess.

To maintain your fake tan keep up the moisturising and around the fifth day I exfoliate as I think this helps the graceful fading of the tan.

Do you have a favourite fake tan?


  1. Really been meaning to get one of the xen tan bottles, i use vita liberata currently but have heard good things about this one!

    1. I honestly can't recommend this stuff enough! Just about to go and put some on now!

      Katie Jane.


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