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Charlotte Tilbury - The Dolce Vita eye shadow pallet

There is one person in the world that knows me better than me. Of course that other person is my Mama. She got this pallet as a gift for my birthday a few weeks ago. 

It screams 'luxury product' at me and that is exactly what it is. From it's rose gold features to the most satisfying click closing together sound I ever did hear.

At £38 a pallet it's pretty steep to spend all in one. I say this as a Mac eye shadow pan is £10. I prefer to use the one with 4 spaces in which are £5. So if a Mac pallet is going to cost me £45 CT is technically saving me £7. The Mac eye shadows might be a little bit bigger but hey. You don't get an amazing mirror like the one below with the Mac one.   

The Dolce Vita for those of you who don't speak Italian (like me) means The Sweet Life. CT could of also called this a neutrals pallet with an edge but The Dolce Vita sounds pretty good too.  

Top left - Champagne pink colour and is known as prime.
Top right - Burgundy rusty colour and is known as enhance.
Bottom right - Deep brown with slight him of glitter running through it. Known as smoke.
Bottom left is the disco colour. Copper/gold glitter which makes this pallet in my opinion.

Charlotte Tilbury explains that this pallet can take you from desk to dusk then to the disco. Which is a good selling technique. This one pallet can take you from work to dinner then to the party. What's not to love.

Desk - Prime and enhance.
Dusk - Prime, enhance and then smoke it out.  
Disco - All 4. She advises that you apply the pop with your finger. 

There is no swatch that I took that does this product any justice so please look at the ones from her website.

Image source.

L - R. Prime, enhance, pop and smoke.

I think if picture shows anything it's that these colours go with any skin tone. Just such pretty colours.

If you have any thoughts on any Charlotte Tilbury products please let me know as I would love to hear them as I'm pretty keen to get some of her other things!  


  1. Wow, this looks lovely. I really want to try this now. Great post!!!

    Beth x

    1. It so nice Bethan. I wore the shadows on Saturday night and 2 people asked me what I used! It's a winner!!

      Katie Jane x


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