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September Favourites

I was dreading this month for quite some time. I had an operation at the start and been pretty much one handed since. I explained in my a previous post. (Elemis Frangipani monoi shower cream) 

The end of September brings me to my Birthday which is today. The boy treated me to a romantic weekend away to Northumberland where there was no signal or WIFI but plenty of Guinness and Champange. Was so picturesque a and reminded me of old school Britain where there was still the butcher the bread maker and the candlestick maker. Everyone was incredibly friendly and the live music played all night long. As I draw another year older I'm glad this month is coming to a close. 

Which brings me on to this months favourites.

Bastiste dry shampoo in Light and Blonde. This has been my saviour this month as I hadn't been able to wash my hair. Usually I wash it every other day but with the stitches in my hand I wasn't able to do it myself so my Mam and I had been doing the old 'head over the bath routine'. But since the stitches were removed it has been far too painful lift my hand above my head. So I've been leaving it as long as I can with the help of Bastiste and just tying my hair back.

Laura Mercier Soufflé body crème in Crème Brulee. My little pick me up. When I am feeling down which has seem to be a lot this month. I rub it over my arms, neck and my décolletage area. Before I head to bed as it has the most gorgeous smell. I don't bother wasting it on my legs. It's my luxury product and I like to keep for occasions when I'm feeling blugh.

Burt's Bees rejuvenating lip balm. It's that time of year again where my lips were really dry. I keep this on my desk at work and apply it throughout the day as if it is going out of fashion.

Soap and Glory hand food. Again this sits on my desk. My left hand which was operated on is so dry and bits of skin just fall off. More than likely due to
the fact I was unable to wash it for 2 weeks. So like the lip balm I've been putting it on at work about every 10 minutes to try and help it.

I'd love to hear what you have been enjoying this month?

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