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Elemis Frangipani monoi shower cream

Today I get to have stitches removed from my left little finger after an operation I had on September 2nd. It has been so hard trying not to get the dressing wet. I challenge you to try and rinse a flannel with your dominant hand behind your back!

The main thing I am looking forward to do doing once the stitches are out is having a shower! I'm defs more of a shower girl, especially on a morning. Getting a bath before I go to work is the worst for motivation.

Washing my hair has been the worst too. Begging my Mam to wash it over the bath. It's like being a child again!

I've been saving this bottle of exotic experience for just this occasion! It's a great little pick me up! It takes me back to the Caribbean where the sun always shines and it's always cocktail o'clock. It also leaves my skin feeling super soft. I find the best result for this is by turning the shower off and using your wet palms to rub over yourself the rinse.

You can get this great pick me up from Time to spa. Have you ever tired this before? Or ever had stitches removed? I'm so scared!

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