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Birthday Suit

"Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It's all about the memories"

Buddy Valastro

Buddy you're so right. It is all about the memories. This birthday has been great. 

My sister is an amazing baker. She will never admit this. Every birthday. (As long as your name is Mam, Dad or Katie AKA big Sis.) She will make you the most scrumptious chocolate cake. It will make you want to eat it for breakfast dinner and tea. However one would never actually admit to doing that. Would they Emily? This year her cake wasn't as they would say...attractive but bloody hell it tasted better than ever. On that note it won't be appearing on the blog...this birthday.

For my birthday tea I decided to go to Bistro 21. Couple of reasons, it's not that far out of Durham, it holds an awful lot of sentimental memories for me and it's a damn good restaurant!   
Monday, what an awful day to have a birthday. I had a beautiful new outfit from Coast to wear. Too dressy for a Monday night you'll just have to wait to see what that is. So this is what I went for.
I cringe at the posing photos. I'm sorry it's just not natural to me. But I keep telling myself to grow some balls. So I did.

Necklace - Viviane Westwood
Top - H&M
Trousers - Topshop
Shoes - Marks & Spencer's
Watch - Cartier
Bracelet - Tiffany & Co
Bag - Mulberry (Vegetable leather)
Lipstick - YSL in 4 Rouge in Danger
Champagne - YUM 
I love these trousers. I'm loving black at the moment and these add a little bit of colour, even if it is white to my usual black outfit.

After a little bit of commotion. Mainly me telling my sister to try and make me look like a model who just stepped off LFW...(I wish) This little man turned up.

Now our Alfie (My Maltese brother) is missing his front teeth due to a horrible vet around where we live so as soon as he heard I had dog tooth trousers on he wanted to know if he was getting implants. Poor guy was woofed off when I told him dog tooth meant the pattern on my trousers. 

 I've had a wonderful birthday this year. But thank goodness we only get one a year!!

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