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Welcome to Katie Jane Online, I am Katie, the writer, editor, photographer, location manager  and basically everything else that it takes to run this website. I'm in my mid 20's, life long champagne fan, newly a ski lover. I have filled this page with things that will help you to get to know me better. 

KJO was set up in September of 2014 as a way to keep a diary of my life. I live in Durham where I was born and bred but I do have strong links to South Shields. I truly am passionate about the North East, I am lucky enough to have been to some amazing places in the world but the North East is still my favourite place to be. 

When I'm not sourcing content for KJO I work in Logistics heading up the Sales and marketing department. I have worked within the company for the last 10 years I have a vast amount of knowledge of the industry but still learn new things every day. 

In my spare time I like to run and go to the gym. Keeping fit is something I really enjoy doing. Running is a big part of my life, I try and run at least 3 times a week including parkrun on a Saturday morning and fill my Sunday's running races from 5ks to half marathons. You can follow my fitness via my running instagram page @runner_katiejane.

Traveling is a huge passion of mine and I try and do it as often as my job will allow. I am often found in Marbella during the summer months and winter months the Caribbean is my favourite place to be. In 2017 I took up skiing which you can read all about here. I had the best time ever and I think it's something I will now do for the rest of my life. 

I tend to eat out 5/6 nights a week. I love eating food and from a very early age dining out has been a passion of mine. It's not that I don't like cooking it's just eating out is way more fun. Italian is my favourite food to eat and this is part of the reason I run and go to the gym so often. 

I have dyslexia and I know this can affect my spelling on KJO, I do hope you don't take this personally. I do proof read my work but I genuinely don't know how to spell something sometimes I spell check can't even help me. Often I ask friends/family to help me out. 

If there is anything you still wish to know about me you can tweet me @katiejaneonline or drop me an email, katiejaneonline(@)gmail(.)com either way I love to talk so will message you back. 

Thank you for reading.

Katie Jane x

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