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A weekend in Manchester

This weekend me and the girls hot footed it to Manchester. We decided to go to the Coronation street set before it closes down in October. I thought I'd let you know about what we got up to.

We stayed at the Marriott Worsley Park hotel and it was a beautiful country hotel. Stunning gardens and apparently had a golf course. I only knew this as every other person seemed to have a golf bag.

Image source bing.

 I shared a room with my sister. We got 2 double beds in the room which is what I love about a hotel. Big squishy pillows and white sheets. I don't trust myself with white sheets at home as I like fake tan too much.

This was the view from our room. It made me feel like I was really in the country, however getting into Manchester city centre from the hotel was only £14. Best of both worlds.

In Manchester we went to Rosso's restaurant. I'd heard A LOT about this place. The thing about me is. I LOVE FOOD. I love trying new places. I have a mental list of places I would like to try and this had been on my list some time now and I was let down. The restaurant itself was set in a beautiful building but maybe the less said about my food the better.

I think I would go back however as it was pretty busy so maybe I just had a bad meal? I don't know. Have you ever been before? I had the Risotto prima vera.

It was basically a tomato based vegetable risotto.

After our food we still have a little bit of time to kill before we headed over to the Alchemist. Like most, I love a cocktail but as my poorly finger has become infected I have been put on antibiotics and thought it would be best that I stayed off the drink. So no cool named cocktail for me. (Insert HUGE sad face here) However I have been to the Alchemist in Leeds before and I know first hand how good their cocktails are. We went to the bar that they have in Spinningfields as it was only a 5 minute walk away from Granada studios.

We managed to get a table outside which I would recommend as you got table service. Anything to avoid standing in the massive queue at the bar.

My sister opted for the French Martini and the drink to the left that you can see is The colour changing one. I promise you that is it's real name and it does that it says on the tin. (I settled for a large coke. Rock and roll!)

I'll post about the Coronation street tour in another post as I feel this one has gone on too long. Have you been to any of these places?

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