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A night on the Cobbles

When I left you last we were at the cocktail bar The Alchemist. Our tour wasn't until 8:40 but it said on the ticket to arrive half an hour before hand and as we didn't really know where we were going we thought we better set off. We ask the waitress who at the bar where to go and she pointed at a big building saying that's it. So here we are in the middle Manchester and little did we know Coronation street was so close. (Yes I am a Corrie fan. It has something to do with my Mam making me watch it from being about 6)

As you walk towards the set there is a huge sign. This of course got me all excited and I felt like a child at Christmas.

Upon arrival we were given lanyards with a Backstage pass.

There were two parts to the tour. First was a tour of the sets and dressing rooms. I was the lucky one who got to sit in the make up chair while our tour guide Andy was explaining about how the cast would get ready.

There was also a Wedding dress on display. Anyone a Corrie fan and can remember who wore it?

Of course. It was Carla Connor's when she married Peter Barlow.

Now on to the sets.

First up was Carla's flat.

Then it was onto the Platt's house.


There were a couple more in between now and the pecis de resistance. But I will leave that in case you're going to head down for a visit.

Of course the Rovers Return. Where half the characters on the street seem to spend half their time. There has been fighting, love making and drama drama drama gone down in this pub.

Once we had finished going around the different sets it was time for the second part of the tour. A walk along the Cobbles.

It felt so surreal being there. I actually felt like you might see Tyrone walking down the street or Tracey might roll out the pub any second.

I got a bit snap happy so I'll only put a few up.

And a trip to the Rovers wouldn't be complete without a trip to the smoking yard for a 'fag and a gossip' (I don't actually smoke!!)

Over all it was a great night and it was a good laugh. Even if you're not a fan of corrie I'd still recommend a trip as it gives away some good secrets of the filming trade. Have you been before?


  1. This looks like so much fun! My Grandparents went to Corrie set the other week and my Grandad was trying to convince us that a pigeon he got a photo of was 'One of the famous pigeons from the opening credits'!!
    Also, I love your outfit in this post hun, you look fab!

    Chloe x

    Chloe's Way

    1. Ha there was a pigeon on the tour. But it was a model one made of plastic. I didn't have a clue what to wear for the tour as it looked like rain and I knew part of it was indoors.

      Katie x


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